The Solid Kids

 It's insane how much of an influence friends can have on your life. These people keep me stable. They keep me going. Today I am especially grateful for them. These are some of my most favorite people and definitely my best buds. I don't think anyone is as blessed as me. And that's the truth, plain and simple.


Grandpa's---> Parker's Drive-In

Well, in just 6 days "grandpa's" will be closing forever. It's been opened for just shy of 60 years.
www.heraldextra.com                                       Make sure to check out the article and join the "Parker's Drive-In" group on fbook.
While all of us Parkers' are sad we won't be getting free food anymore, or get to sit on the crate in the back or see all of those familiar faces, I think the real emotions comes from the fact that now grandpa will really be gone. It's been almost 10 years since grandpa died, but it was always like a little bit of him was still here with us when we were at grandpa's drive-in. We will truly miss it. 


scatter brained, scattering sunshine, scattered.

One time we got a fake spray on tan. Needless to say we looked a little oompa loompa-ish for a week or so. It was a slightly bad idea, but dang did we get some good laughs out of it.
I'm rather fond of Fremont Street. I'd like to sit there and just people watch.

I like my hair this color. I just wish it was this long again.
I feel like more often then not I miss this guys birthday. (holy was my hair blonde--what was I thinking?) It's always a good day when I get to be around my big brother.
My dad took this from our deck. When I was little I was determined if I ran long enough that eventually I could catch the rainbow. Nothing like a beautiful rainbow after a sweet rainstorm.


....holding out for Nephi.

I am often fascinated to sit and listen to other people's viewpoints on almost anything you can think of. Due to part of my past a question I often find myself asking people is "if you could change a part of your past that you aren't exactly proud of, would you?" I have heard all sorts of stories and reasons to why people would or wouldn't change their history. Of course if I plan on asking people questions I usually already have an answer for myself of how I feel about it. So for those of you who are wondering I will tell you. I am Laurel Celeste Blackham and I love the person I am today. I am by no means perfect, but I know where my feet are planted.
While I am not exactly proud of everything in my past I feel that my mistakes have played a big part in the reason I am so certain of what I want in life. If it were possible for me to be who I am now without having experienced those things then I would change them in a heartbeat, but as far as I'm concerned I needed those things in life to get me where I'm at now. "Challenges come so that we can grow and be prepared for things we are not equipped to handle now. When we face our challenges with faith, prepared to learn, willing to make changes, and if necessary, to let go, we are demanding our power be turned on." -Iyanla Vanzant

My past experiences have made me wonder what makes a good person "good?" While there are many "good" people in my life I would like to tell you about one in particular. It was my first sunday back to church after my weekend in jail. To my dismay my mom was sitting on about the second row from the front due to the fact that the area authority was visiting and his wife was sitting with us. I wasn't sure who knew about where I had just spent my weekend, but all I did know was that I wanted to avoid any confrontation from anyone. As we were singing the closing hymn I leaned over to my little sister and told her that as soon as the prayer was over we were bolting out to the car and leaving. Just like lightning we were up and on our way out as soons as everyone said amen. We had almost made it to the door when I heard someone call out my name from behind me. I turned around and there was Todd Pay, a member in our bishopric. He has always been someone I have considered a great friend and example, but I never thought he would notice that my life wasn't going exactly the way it should. He asked if we could step into the nearest classroom for a moment and talk. Of course I said yes, and we did just that. To this day I still don't know if at the time he knew what I was going through, but I will never forget the look of concern on his face as he asked me if I was doing alright. As I began to tear up so did he. He gave me a simple hug and told me if I ever needed anything he was there to help. What an amazing person who has every quality of a "good" person, and then some.
Speaking of good people I got to ride home with my dad today from up north. It made me happy talking with him. I learned a lot about my aunts and uncles that I never knew before. Being a dad of course he asked me about dating. Usually this is a topic I like to try and avoid. Tonight though he asked me what I want in a future husband. Without a second thought I told him someone like you and someone like my brothers. How blessed I am to have such great and Savior like people in my family. I also couldn't help but think to myself that I want someone like Nephi. I'll let you figure out the rest.
 One day I plan on finding someone as awesome as these guys, but for now I can wait.




As most of you know Snow College had their homecoming a few weeks ago.(check out the video on fbook) What a "ride" it was. When the day was finally coming to an end Jameson, Lizzy, and myself had the pleasure of cleaning up Founders Hall after the alumni dinner. We were being our crazy selfs and having a blast while cleaning when I had a lightbulb go off. I said to myself, "self-this would be a lot of fun if all our friends had a sleepover up here." I went on to tell Jameson and Liz about my spectacular idea. Of course they agreed that it would be a riot. Thinking that Marci (our awesome boss) would never agree to it we went on with the night without it crossing our minds again. When tuesday came around it was time for our weekly President's Leadership Team meeting. Lizzy brought up the fact that we need to start planning our Christmas party, and instantly the idea of the sleepover creeped into my mind again. I couldn't contain it any longer and blurted out how fun it would be to have a "team bonding" party and sleepover in the Noyes Building. Without any hesitation Marci said it looks like you just volunteered yourself to be in charge of getting that together and so away I went with my planning. (I told you she is an awesome boss right?) With permission I invited several of the Student Body Advocates and a few other VIP's. The night was definitley a riot, full of hide and go seek, mafia, jump roping, scary movies, yummy treats, a few cheerleading moves, lots of dancing, and late night chats. I must say I have some of THE bestest friends anyone could ever ask for. We may be slightly childish, but I love every minute with them. There is never a dull moment, but most important they are such good examples to me and the biggest part of why I love Snow College so much. I wouldn't trade my time with them for anything. I can't wait for our next big adventure.

What is it about your friends that make you love them so much?