As most of you know Snow College had their homecoming a few weeks ago.(check out the video on fbook) What a "ride" it was. When the day was finally coming to an end Jameson, Lizzy, and myself had the pleasure of cleaning up Founders Hall after the alumni dinner. We were being our crazy selfs and having a blast while cleaning when I had a lightbulb go off. I said to myself, "self-this would be a lot of fun if all our friends had a sleepover up here." I went on to tell Jameson and Liz about my spectacular idea. Of course they agreed that it would be a riot. Thinking that Marci (our awesome boss) would never agree to it we went on with the night without it crossing our minds again. When tuesday came around it was time for our weekly President's Leadership Team meeting. Lizzy brought up the fact that we need to start planning our Christmas party, and instantly the idea of the sleepover creeped into my mind again. I couldn't contain it any longer and blurted out how fun it would be to have a "team bonding" party and sleepover in the Noyes Building. Without any hesitation Marci said it looks like you just volunteered yourself to be in charge of getting that together and so away I went with my planning. (I told you she is an awesome boss right?) With permission I invited several of the Student Body Advocates and a few other VIP's. The night was definitley a riot, full of hide and go seek, mafia, jump roping, scary movies, yummy treats, a few cheerleading moves, lots of dancing, and late night chats. I must say I have some of THE bestest friends anyone could ever ask for. We may be slightly childish, but I love every minute with them. There is never a dull moment, but most important they are such good examples to me and the biggest part of why I love Snow College so much. I wouldn't trade my time with them for anything. I can't wait for our next big adventure.

What is it about your friends that make you love them so much?


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